Choosing Highest RTP Online Casino Slots

Choosing Highest RTP Online Casino Slots

Why do many online casino players who have more or less big experience in gaming search for the highest RTP online casino slots? The thing is that all online games feature a payback. Theoretically, it is called return to player (RTP) percentage. It shows a theoretical return of wagered money to players. But how does it work?

Let’s say you are playing a slot with an RTP of 95%. In theory, if you place $100 in wagers, you will receive $95 back. However, if things went this way, it would make no sense to play casino games. Instead, as practice shows, during a game session, you make thousands of spins on that game. Other players from your casino and from other online casinos are also playing that slot and wager their money, making thousands of spins. You might win a good sum of money, while the other player loses a fair amount of his money. But still, the average return to players is 95% of all wagers made on that game.

Factors That Influence RTP of Slots

The final outcome of a slot session depends on several factors. So, when you choose a slot machine, we recommend taking into account all of them.

  • House edge. Simply put, it’s the opposite of the RTP percentage. For example, if a slot pays back 95%, then the house edge on that slot is 5%. This remaining percentage is called the house edge. This is what a gambling platform gets to keep after the end of the session. This term is also theoretical because players can win sums of money that exceed their wagered amount by multiple times.
  • Volatility. In other words, a pay rate of a slot. Slots with high volatility tend to pay lower amounts but more frequently. On the other hand, if a slot has low volatility, it pays out less frequently but in bigger amounts. If you play slots with high volatility, you take a bigger risk. So, pay attention to the volatility of games before playing them.
  • Hit frequency. This term is closely connected with paylines. if you noticed, there are slots with 5 paylines or 25 paylines and more. The stake can vary depending on the number of active paylines. If you bet on a single payline, you will win once in a few spins. But if you adjust the number of paylines at maximum, the hit frequency will be the highest on that game. Thus, you will make winning combinations more frequently. However, the wagered amount per spin will also be bigger.

Is It Worth Playing Highest RTP Slots?

Many players believe that the RTP percentage influences their chances of winning. But it doesn’t. Still, it is recommended to play online slots with the highest RTP just because they promise you bigger payback. In other words, even if you lose a game session, you will have got a bigger amount of your money back during the session, than you would have got at a low RTP game.